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Welcome to My Secret Tunnel!

This website is basically a portfolio for all my work over the years of my existence. That's right, my entire existence! I apparently didn't get anything done until High School. I suppose you can say that's where I "Level Up'd". That's right, if you haven't noitced by any of the content on my website (background, etc) I'm pretty much a game nerd. And not like Call of Duty or anything, usually classic games like Mario, Megaman, and some newer inspirational creative games such as Minecraft. I've got plenty of neat stuff I've done with games, including Let's Plays and Websites which you can view on this website!

Ps. Click on the "Welcome to My Secret Tunnel" Heading for a little surprise.

Favorite Video of the Week

This is just a wonderfully amazing video that I can't express my love for. I've been singing the song every day for like a week now. It's a very catchy toon and I actually have a lot of good memories of the game just like Dave in the video. Also Super Mario Land did have some of the catchiest music and was very different than all the other mario games. It was actually hard!